Maria’s first post – a prequel

Witam serdecznie! Welcome to my blog unquietborder!

I have hit the ground running.

During April and May 2012, as artist in residence at at Fabrica I will be exploring the idea of the sea as a border between countries, cultures and languages.

The Spring exhibition at Fabrica is I See Infinite Distance Between Any Point and Another – an intimate film portrait by The Otolith Group of incredible poet, painter and philosopher Etel Adnan reading extracts from her poem The Sea.

I’m a poet who writes about borders. Once you start thinking about borders you see them everywhere. Just cross a threshold. I went through the wooden door into the Fabrica office where everyone was speaking a new language. What was my line of enquiry for the residency they wanted to know.  My mind went blank – all I could think of was Lund’s jumper or Montelbano’s espresso…  I asked my partner, who works in academia, line of enquiry? she said, of course everyone knows that. Since then I’ve been trying to ‘interpret’ for friends who want to know what exactly you ‘do’ in a residency, do you have to sleep there? one friend asked -perfectly logically.

I am hoping to broaden and deepen my understanding of borders and I hope you will help me to do this. Please go the Questions page of my blog. I’m curious what borders you pass in your lives, what seas you have crossed, in every sense. I’m off on my journey. Come with me!

4 thoughts on “Maria’s first post – a prequel

  1. One of my concerns too, Maria, I seem to have a lot of my own material on this subject: I have a poem called “Invisible Border” & another “On Doors” about all the unseen boundaries we cross & can never cross, that are blurred & remain… your residency sounds very cool! — Barbara Siegel Carlson

  2. very wonderful I am sorry about your seahorse lets hope the seahorse will of swam away to be with friends. a seahorse in amber would be lovely . And yes the choc are wonderful my favourate is harva. Could you tell me if you think the russian literature gorky for example is still relevent to the youth in poland. I was recently in Poland and was amazed to find a library with all the old classics in Polish is this the only place I will find them. My area of work has been drug and alchohol abuse amongst the young as you will be aware there are so very many in jail and of course the camps that they have opened are terrible and the torture of our brothers a wonderful man mozamm begg was in Poland. It is terrible in London because they are getting no correct treatment for alcohol. I feel that many will of suffered terrible as children and really feel the Gorky book would assist. So many are dying. Of course the history I was involved with the refugee struggle in Austrailia and one cannot feel that history is repeating itself. The only thing that keep me sane is classical music and poetry and my great love of russian literature. I would really love to come to your exhibition however am currently trying to save some mad pole god knows why!!! So am broke. I love walking in brighton I have a wonderful story telling friend in eastern europe . It is wonderful to meet you and I will read your poetry. Have you read Durkham I feel this is what is happening to these young polish people and it is actually suicide . Yes i have met many angels in waterloo the most wonderful of all have died. peace and love.

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