As Fabrica’s artist in residence I’m excited to be working with Allsorts Youth Project with John McCullough of Queer Writing South and Tracey Gue from Fabrica. We ran a creative writing workshop at Allsorts drop-in night on the 3 questions:

Where do you come from?
What’s the purpose of your visit?
Do you have anything to declare?

Below are the individual answers and a group answer, as well as some audio files of the spoken poems.
By a lovely coincidence Jimmy was there doing an origami workshop at the same time so we got beautiful birds, butterflies and air balloons crossing borders as well.

Jackie Paper with his untitled poem

The young people collaborated on a poem, Allsorts poem

Where do Queers Come from?

We have traversed the mountains of peril.
We have flown over the fires of treachery.
We have passed the glacier of the great unknown.
We have conquered the chasm of guilt.
We have skipped over the desert of confusion.
We have stepped across the ice of deception.
We have marched over the valley of total despair.
We have tiptoed across the fence of fear
We have vaulted over the horizon of danger.
We have explored the waters of infinite love.

We’re here to rock.
We’re here to giggle.
We’re here to inspire.
We’re here to enlighten.
We’re here to challenge convention.
We’re here to love.
We’re here to be.
We’re here to write.
We’re here to have an all-nighter of games.
We’re here to dance to the beat of our own drum.

We declare friendship.
We declare we are proud.
We declare the right to stand as we are.
We declare that everyone should do one good deed.
We declare the right to fried chicken or better tasting Quorn.
We declare war on terrible film remakes.
We declare ourselves kings or queens of the bubble gum kingdom.
We declare we are gay.
We declare the right to be heard.
We declare the right to be human.

8 thoughts on “Allsorts

  1. I come from a place of responsibility, and left youth behind.
    I am here to be youthful but cannot be young.
    I declare that I am an adult.

  2. I come from pressure
    Of education
    Of society

    I am here to be happy
    Through music
    Through love

    I declare independent love
    With vulnerability
    And reliance

    I declare freedom
    With strength
    And wounds
    With the flight
    And the fall
    With experience

  3. I come from being in debt to start paying my bills back again every month.
    I come from being a child to being an adult where I can spend my own money, my own things and controlling my own life where before I couldn’t.

    To meet new people and make friends.

  4. I come from me.
    I am here to find me.
    I declare myself.

    I come from Dark.
    I am here to find Light.
    I declare sadness.

    I come from you.
    I am here because of you.
    I declare us.

    I come from Humanity.
    I am here because of man.
    I declare Love.

  5. I come from the dark where there is no light, no peace, no comfort, nothing.
    I am here to feel love and escape the dark.
    I declare that I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free and I CAN live.

  6. I came from childhood, from naivety and a monocrome enviroment. Where everything is either wrong or right; no longer do i hold such beliefs.

    I have journeyed through caverns of despair, narrowly avoiding the edge of the abyss lying in wait to swallow me whole.

    And yet.

    I see the green pastures on the other side and yearn to run free.

    But how can i?

    How can i when i know that there are others behind me? Yet to escape the clutches of darkness?

    I hear them cry and whimper behind me.

    I turn back.
    I reach my hand out to a small boy in offer to help him into the light, I help the child after and the child after that.

    I see a queue forming, it is not enough.

    I place timber and nails together and each child that passes over adds a nail, and the bridge strengthens. All that cross in pain and anguish need suffer no more.

    I hope for this one day. I owe it to them. We owe it to them.

    Greg Cox

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