Workshop poems

Poems written by 2 groups at Write Across The Border creative writing workshop responding to sounds and voices at Fabrica on May 16th 2012 :


by Greg Allum; Lou Ice; Tess Jolly and Robert Hamberger.

How do you make the sea?
A sprig of seaweed,
a pinch of rubbish, a pint of urine,
empty bottles bobbing, smooth needles blunted,
an assortment of fish, a scattering of mobiles,
toes being dipped, a dusting of sunlight,
the waves kneading,
a grating of tears sifting a ton of salt.
Swirl it in a bay, at the temperature of water.
Serve it with four deckchairs
nestled on a bed of pebbles,
sipping a speckled horizon.
This isn’t any sea.
This is Brighton & Hove sea.


by Helen, Tara, Sophie, Deborah

Signed away with defiant and bandaged hope,
I inked our history onto a perishable page.
I roll up our love in the tight curl
stuffing it down into the glassy emptiness
I’m putting my arm back overhead as high as it will go
the bottle leaves my hand
down into the sea – low
tossed your name and mine on wavetops.
Green on green, beyond the border
of my sight, my love was lost.

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